Workforce Management Software – WFM Solutions – MiSentinel

MiSentinel offers cloud-based workforce management software solutions (WFM) to manage scheduling, incident reporting, guard patrolling and lone worker safety.

Increasing Productivity Through Incredible Schedule Management Software

MiSentinel employee Scheduling Software Solutions can significantly assist you in monitoring the distribution of resources and their availability. It is easy to use and gives you all the tools in one place to be visible. Our automated notification system sends shift alerts to various lone workers who are automatically notified and acknowledge any changes on their smartphone within seconds.

Efficient Self-Service Scheduling

MiSentinel’s unique self-service schedule is a smart way to increase job satisfaction and staff retention. Our smart self-scheduling timer also sets future schedule periods as well as self-scheduling sessions, & that too automatically.

Workforce Management Software (WFM) is all about appointing the right individuals with the right expertise in carrying out the right job at the right time! Scheduling modules part of workforce management software has been fruitful in predicting workload & the workers needed. This also includes those employees, appointed through self-service mobile applications in the scheduling process, monitoring their working hours, accounts, and finally evaluating & tracking the entire process.

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