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Post By Marketing 360 | Scott Yoder May 26, 2017 | Remarketing | Social Media Marketing

There are certain behaviors that send strong signals of future intent, signals that cry out “I like your stuff, but I’m not quite ready to buy yet!” 

When you can identify these signals and act on them, you target warm leads that are getting hot.

This is the strategy behind retargeting video ads on Facebook.

This tactic creates a series of videos that you serve up to your audience in a sequence based on engagement levels.

For example, you may start with a general video ad about your brand, targeting a larger audience based on demographics and interests.  You run this video ad and get a significant number of views.

With Facebook video retargeting, you create another audience targeting only people who viewed a certain percentage of the first video.  For example, you could retarget to only to people who got through at least 75% of that video.

Here is an overview of how to set this up on Facebook:

Some important things to remember:

  • Exclude people who converted on the first video so you don’t waste impressions.
  • Build your campaign off an initial video ad that is converting at a decent rate.  If the first video is not converting it means you likely have issues with your audience or content that will make running a second video pointless.
  • A/B split test engagement times (50% video view on one campaign, 75% on another) to find an engagement benchmark that converts well for you.
  • Choose the call to action button that best fits the offer (Learn More, Get Quote, etc).
  • Don’t ask for more info on your lead form than is essential for your conversion (the more you make people fill out, the more leads will drop off).
  • Use the “view website” button on the thank you screen to drive website traffic.
  • Sync your lead forms to your CRM for integrated lead/client tracking.  You can also automate an email campaign that ties in with this conversion funnel for added touch points as needed.

In today’s multichannel, multi-device marketing world, remarketing is marketing.  Every campaign you run needs a way to follow-up and create touch points that move the lead further down your sales funnel.

Facebook video ads are effective on their own.  But when you retarget people who engaged leads with more relevant content that builds on that interest, you’ll leave as few leads on the table as possible.

Post By Marketing 360 Scott Yoder May 26, 2017

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