Start Your Side Hustle: Everything You Need To Know About Foundr’s Course

A side hustle. Freelancing. Consulting.

It’s 2021, and more and more people across the world are creating their own stream of income.

Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, or maybe just the thought of relying on a single stream of income is making you nervous. Who can blame you? 2020 and 2021 have been a wild ride.

We’re here to tell it to you straight: the days of relying on your employer for job security are over.

That’s why we’ve launched this course.

We want you to learn how you can start a profitable business and generate extra income in under 30 days without quitting your job, without special skills, and with $0 to get started.

Led by side-hustle expert Daniel DiPiazza, you’ll learn the simple and repeatable system that has already helped 2,000+ entrepreneurs in dozens of niches to start making more money.

We’ve compiled this complete guide to our Start your Side Hustle course to answer any and every question you might have about the course. By the end of this article, your only question should be: where do I sign up?

(Answer: you can sign up by clicking below!)

EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING: Learn how to find your idea, launch your side hustle business, and get your first customer in 30 days or less.

Why We Launched The Start Your Side Hustle Course

The Market Is Unpredictable

The past year has been turbulent.

After COVID-19’s devastating assault on the global economy, we’re seeing gigantic, market-dominating businesses fall from grace. We’re seeing employers scurrying to cut costs and outsource employees, and 20.6 million people plunged into unemployment lines in a shroud of uncertainty.

According to reports by the US Bureau of Labor, the unemployment rate bounced to 6.0% in April 2021 — down from 6.2% in February, and from last April’s 14.8% high.

Jumping from 14.8% to 6% is a positive step, but bear in mind that February 2020 and pre-COVID statistics were sitting at 3.5%.

If we learned one thing from COVID, other than the importance of washing our hands, it’s that the days of relying on your employer for job security are over. The one life raft you can’t cling to anymore is your job, and the “new economy” isn’t just emerging, it is here.

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Invest in Yourself

With this huge economic shift, it’s easy to be anxious about all the change and uncertainty in the world.

The truth of the matter is that the only constant…

…is YOU!

The new economy is the YOU economy.

And the YOU economy means that YOU are the only thing you can rely on. 2021 is the time to take your finances and future into your own hands.

By starting your own side hustle, you’re investing in your future self. You’re upskilling, you’re getting valuable experiences to add to your CV, and best of all, you’re giving yourself a safety net to fall back on.

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Who Is Daniel DiPiazza, and Why Did We Choose Him As Our Course Instructor?

Here at Foundr, we have some pretty strict criteria when it comes to our course instructors.

We only work with proven, legit, real-life entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. You won’t find lessons taught by someone “playing business” with a rented Lambo on a maxed-out credit card telling you how they got rich over the weekend. We don’t have gurus that smile nicely and promise a million dollars through some dodgy business scheme.

We have a hard rule that anyone we work with must be an industry leader. Their companies must be ranked in the top three brands within their niche or industry.

When it comes to starting a side hustle, freelancing, and consulting, we knew we wanted to work with Daniel DiPiazza for two reasons:

Firstly, we are in awe of his phenomenal ability to start profitable side hustles for himself. Daniel’s journey has taken him to all corners of the entrepreneurial game, from creating his own web design business that generated $9,500+ in under a month with zero coding knowledge, to launching a side-hustle consulting business that generated an impressive $1.2M. His list of successful side hustles includes copywriting, personal training, and even coaching high school students on their SATs.

In fact, Daniel was so successful at starting side hustles that Penguin Random House asked him to write a book called “Rich 20 Something:  How to Ditch Your Average Job, Start An Epic Business, And Score The Life You Want,” which went on to become a bestseller.

daniel dipiazza foundr podcast rich20something

And secondly, we chose Daniel because of his ability to teach other people these skills. Daniel has now taken over two thousand beginner-level students through his training with incredible results.

Daniel’s system has now helped thousands of students just like you. But don’t worry, these weren’t just online and digital businesses—his students have used these exact lessons to create all kinds of side hustles, from cleaning to dog walking!

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As we began our long search for the perfect course instructor, we don’t solely look for insanely successful business people. What we look for is a person who knows the game, someone who has been on the journey multiple times and knows the ins and outs of success and failure.

The person must have a proven, successful, and repeatable system that can be taught to anyone to get results.

Because being an OUTLIER isn’t repeatable. But a system is. And along with his big personality, that’s something that Daniel brings to the table: a repeatable side-hustle system that anyone can follow to get their first paying client in 30 days.

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FAQS for Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle Course

What do you mean by “side hustle”?

A side hustle is an alternative stream of income to run alongside your existing job. And if you keep hustling, it might even become your full-time gig.

Side hustling covers freelancing, consulting, and essentially any service-based business where you can package up your “skill inventory” and sell it to high-paying clients.

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Is this course for me?

Start Your Side Hustle is for anyone who wants to turn their existing skills into high-paying clients and make extra money in their spare time—with as little risk as possible. The program will help you turn your passion, knowledge, and existing skills into an online side business, with no prior experience or money required to get started.

Throughout the course, you’ll discover the exact secrets Daniel DiPiazza has used to start multiple successful side hustles. We’ll take you from coming up with a winning side hustle idea, through to validating it, getting your first paying clients using outreach and pitching strategies, building your online presence, and actually delivering the service—all without needing any money or prior experience to get started.

This course is NOT about starting an ecommerce business with a physical product (e.g. skincare products or homewares). We have a whole other course on that subject!

Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle Course Case Study: Scott Dunlap

Scott is the founder and CEO of Human Capital. For Scott, his financial-service business was disorganized and chaotic. He didn’t have the clarity of what he wanted and where he wanted to take his business.

Scott decided to enroll in the Start Your Side Hustle Course. After working with Daniel, he was able to navigate through his business, branch out from the formal structure, and turned his business into a fee-for-service type

By clarifying his business’ vision and goals, Scott became a fee-for-service advisor and made $15k with his first client, which turned into a $175k annual contract!

Does it teach me to build a side business from scratch? I’m a beginner and I know nothing.

This course is perfect if you are a beginner or haven’t yet started your side business. Start Your Side Hustle will teach you a low-risk, step-by-step blueprint to start an online side hustle from the ground up using your existing skills, without needing any money or prior experience to get started.

Our course instructor, Daniel DiPiazza, will take you by the hand and walk you through everything you need to start your side hustle, so that you can start making extra money in your spare time, in as little time as possible—regardless of whether you have any prior experience starting a business or not.

You’ll have access to 4 live implementation calls with Daniel as part of the course, and gain access to a private Facebook group exclusively for our Start Your Side Hustle students as soon as you sign up. This group will be your tribe throughout the course, and the Foundr team, including Daniel DiPiazza, are in there as well to encourage and support each other and answer any questions you have along the way.

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Is it Live or Recorded?

This is a pre-recorded video course that you can do at your own pace.

What is included in the course, and what will I learn?

The course will help you master these steps to start your side hustle and get your first paying client in 30 days or less:

MODULE 1: Finding your Winning Side Hustle Idea

In this module, you’ll learn how to find winning side hustle ideas. It covers everything from packaging up your offer and properly pricing it, to learning how to “productize” your service so you can take on more clients and charge more while working less.

SYSH FAQs Module 1

MODULE 2: Validating your Side Hustle Idea

In these 7 in-depth videos, you’ll learn how to quickly validate your idea and get paying customers before you ever do a single minute of work. This not only shows you whether your idea is worth your time but allows you to start any new business completely risk-free.

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 10.25.19 am

MODULE 3: Client-Getting Acquisition Strategies & Outreach Methods

You’ve validated your idea, so now it’s time to start getting high-paying clients. You’ll discover the proven tactics for attracting the perfect clients that have no problem paying you exactly what you’re worth. When you can predictably get new clients, everything changes.

MODULE 4: Building your Online Presence & Brand

Today branding matters more than ever before. In this module, you’ll learn how to quickly build an online presence and brand, even if you’re brand new. This is the same blueprint that helped Daniel become a best-selling author and millionaire, and get featured in TIME Magazine.

MODULE 5: The Art of the Pitch: Positioning, Persuasion & Negotiation

This module helps you naturally turn prospects into clients even if you don’t have testimonials or a fancy resume to point to yet. You’ll learn how to position yourself properly and persuasively to show prospects you can quickly solve their problem. Then getting paid is the easiest part.


MODULE 6: Delivering the Service: Managing Clients & Operations

By this point, you have paying clients. In this module, you’ll learn a seamless process for managing clients and efficiently delivering your service. This allows you to scale your income and turn your side hustle into a full-time business.



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EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING: Learn how to find your idea, launch your side hustle business, and get your first customer in 30 days or less.

How long will it take to do the course?

The course is divided into 6 Training Modules with over 10 hours total of video content.

As soon as you sign up, you will have access to all 6 modules of the Start Your Side Hustle course. You can do a little each day, or sit down for half a day on a Saturday and knock it out.

The main thing we want is for you to see results, so the course has been designed around a video and an action step, and we encourage you to take the time to properly implement each step before progressing through the course.

Do I need to have a business already?

Nope. We will teach you what to do.

I’ve already started/got a business, is this for me?

Great question.

If you currently run a freelancing or service-based business, this course will show you how to refine your offer and get clients more quickly and easily. If you’re currently running another business, this will show you how to make some extra income on the side by monetizing your existing skills.

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Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle Course Case Study:

Patryk GawlakPatryk had a side hustle that was steadily growing, he wanted to take the business to the next level, but he didn’t have the key things to go forward with.

That is until he decided to reach out to Daniel, who he has been following for years, and Daniel suggested that he enroll in Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle course to help him gain a deeper understanding of marketing. Patryk says working with Daniel was super valuable. He had to learn a lot of certain skills in order to grow further.

After jumping on board to help out his mom’s side business, Patryk was able to grow their company from earning an average of $10k to $50k!

Is this just for people in the US and Australia?


This course can be accessed from anywhere in the world – so as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, and the methods can be applied to a business anywhere.

Currently the members of the course span every continent (except Antarctica, but maybe someday).

Do I get access to Daniel? Or is there additional support and encouragement?

We understand accountability, encouragement, guidance, and validation are all part of the “secret sauce” that helps you follow through on the course.

So, as well as the 4 live implementation calls, you’ll be given bonus access to a special closed-door Facebook group as soon as you register, where you’ll find other side hustlers who can help you along the journey from where you are now to building a profitable online side business.

You might even find your first client. This collaboration is priceless.

What else do I need to get started?


Just invest in the course, carve out some time to go through it, and off you go.

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Do I need to quit my job to do this full-time?

No, you don’t need to leave your job.

In fact, we highly suggest you don’t quit your job until you get enough income from your side hustle so you can make the switch smoothly without putting your family and lifestyle at risk. You can get started with as little as 1 hour a week, and scale up from there as you build confidence.

Note: This is what Daniel did. You can too. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks.

Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle Course Case Study: Jennifer Carty

Jennifer saw a 35% growth in her business just by implementing the systems she learned from Daniel’s teachings. By the end of the course, she was able to break a quarter of a million revenue mark last year.

What if I’m just starting out and have no idea what side hustle I want to create?

Then you’re in the right place. Daniel is going to show you how to take a “skill inventory” and find the right idea for you, one that aligns with your passions and profit goals. You’re also going to learn how to validate your idea and get paid before you risk anything.

What’s the difference between Start Your Side Hustle and Start & Scale?

People often get a little muddled on which is which.

The Start & Scale Your Online Store course will take you through all the necessary steps to start and launch an ecommerce store selling a physical product, including coming up with an idea, validating it, and getting it manufactured. For example, Start & Scale will help you start an ecommerce business selling handmade soaps or candles.

If you’re interested in starting an eCommerce store selling a physical product instead, we highly recommend our Start & Scale Your Online Store course, taught by Gretta van Riel.

The Start Your Side Hustle course is all about monetizing your existing skills and getting your first paying client within 30 days, and it doesn’t require any money to get started. For example, you may start designing websites for local businesses or training staff at restaurants. You’re not selling a physical product; you’re monetizing your existing skills.

Our Start Your Side Hustle course instructor, Daniel DiPiazza, will teach you a low-risk, step-by-step blueprint to get your first paying client within 30 days, without needing any money or prior experience to get started. He’ll take you through how to come up with and validate a winning idea, as well as client outreach and acquisition strategies, pitching, building your online presence and brand, all the way through to actually delivering your service.

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Do you have payment plans?


We have a payment plan available for Start Your Side Hustle, but please note that there is an extra discount if you pay the full cost of the course instead of choosing the payment plan. You can find more information about our pricing and payment options here.

What currency is the course price in?

The course is being offered in USD.

What is your money-back guarantee?

We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee on our Start Your Side Hustle course. All details below:

At Foundr, we stand behind the ability of our courses to get you results when you put in the time to study and implement what you learn. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in the course. If we don’t hold you accountable for putting in the work, we’re doing you a disservice.

The Start Your Side Hustle course comes with a rock-solid 365-Day Guarantee. If you enroll in this course, watch all the videos, do all the required work, and still don’t sign up a client within the first 365 days of purchasing the course, we will provide a full refund.

Foundr’s Start Your Side Hustle Course Case Study: Dustin Lien

After following the practical steps he learned from the course, Dustin was able to make simple shifts in his systems and scale his business beyond. After changing his approach to prospecting and client outreach, he broke his 6-figure last year and tripled his monthly revenue from $1,500 to $15,000.

How much money will I need to start a side hustle?

The beauty of starting a side hustle like this is you don’t really need any money to get started. Imagine starting a cafe or manufacturing plant—your upfront investment is hefty and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be making your money back. We’re a big fan of starting with as little investment as possible, testing it out, and if it works, scaling it.

In the course, we’ll teach you exactly how to do so, without crazy cash investments on your end. Plus it helps that you have a 100% profit margin and no overhead to worry about.

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Why is it worth the investments?

There are no investments that provide a return as fast or as large as starting your own business. Think of it: For only $297 you get the exact playbook that’s helped new entrepreneurs create thousands in extra income every single month. Even if all you did was land one client who paid you $1,000 you’d more than 3x your investment in this course…in a single month!

Plus it’s all backed by our 365-day money-back guarantee.

EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING: Learn how to find your idea, launch your side hustle business, and get your first customer in 30 days or less.

Key Summary

By following the blueprint laid out for you inside Start Your Side Hustle, you could be landing your first client within 30 days or less. Will it take some hard work and dedicated focus? Of course it will—run from anyone who tells you otherwise.

But aren’t a few weeks of work worth the ability to have a location-independent income? One that provides the passion, financial security, and peace of mind that many people only wish for.

That’s what’s waiting for you. That’s what’s on the other side of this program.

Here at Foundr, we pride ourselves on being able to democratize entrepreneurship through real-life lessons taught by legit founders, and we believe this course is the perfect example of this.

Not only will you learn from an expert side-hustler who has done it time and time again, but you’ll also get access to our support community and social network, where you can bounce ideas off thousands of other students and entrepreneurs on the same journey as you.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming, and start building!

Did we miss something in the FAQs above? If there are any other questions, queries, concerns, or thoughts about our newest course, drop a comment below! Our team will do our best to help you!

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