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Chain Store Guide is the leader in Retail & Foodservice sales leads, market research, and geocoded locational data. We provide a high level of data fidelity through: Daily Updates, Proprietary Algorithms, Triple Verification of Email Addresses, CSG Verify, and a thorough review of all updates by in-house team of experts. In addition, learn about our response to COVID-19.



For over 85 years, Chain Store Guide (CSG) has been the leading provider of comprehensive and definitive retail and foodservice intelligence to businesses around the world.

Chain Store Guide details all major retailers, restaurants, distributors and wholesalers in the United States and Canada with contact information on over 746,000 establishments.

Chain Store Guide data is compiled by our staff of editors and research professionals. While some companies simply compile data from sources such as the Yellow Pages, Chain Store Guide researches every company profiled. Our staff contacts these companies by phone, mail or email to verify information and ensure that data is accurate and current.

Chain Store Guide provides data in print directory, online web application and customized database formats. Chain Store Guide data is used by manufacturers, suppliers, service providers, brokers, real estate professionals, retailers, analysts, consultants and other professionals seeking to gain insight into retail and foodservice markets in the U.S. and Canada. Since 1933, Chain Store Guide has been the leading data source for in-depth information on retailers, restaurants, and foodservice operations.

Chain Store Guide Advantages
In-house primary research led by a tenured Editorial team and Call Center Research staff
Daily research activity capturing new companies, changes, store openings and closings
Personnel names, titles and salutations for C level, VP level, Director level, Manager level and key staff
Over 600 unique chain and store level search options
Dedicated Account Managers and customer service team helps companies find the data they’re looking for.
Established infrastructure and methodology with an 80 year history.
Databases updated daily with new leads and changes
Broad, in-depth coverage of the retail and foodservice industries
100% complete addresses for each establishment
90% average geo-coding precision to the street address level
Phone numbers
Proprietary coding structure that identifies each store location with links to parent company and supplier
Defined industry classifications
Coverage of all major retail channels
Industry standard formats for easy importing
Experience in building and maintaining databases
Partnerships with several of the leading geospatial mapping companies

Data Collection Methodology
Chain Store Guide maintains a dedicated internal staff that closely monitors company changes, personnel changes, store openings and closings for leading retailers through primary research, direct data feeds from retailers, and various third party-sources.


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