How To Run Facebook Ads With Nick Shackelford: Everything You Need To Know About Foundr’s New Course

Nick Shackelford’s How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0 is one of Foundr’s best-selling courses for one reason: it’s proven to help you get the results you want for your business.

Here at Foundr, we’ve worked with thousands of different businesses. From ecommerce and digital products to service, software, and everything in between. What we’ve noticed is almost always, the ones who are crushing it are those who are using Facebook ads.

Whether you’re a complete beginner who’s never run a Facebook ad in your life, or you simply want to level up your skills (and your profits) in a big way, this course takes you on a journey creating ads from scratch to scale. It covers everything you need to launch ads that convert. From creative and copy to media buying and margin, it’s all here!

Maybe you’ve been interested in taking the course but still a little unsure if it’s for you. You’ve been wondering: How much do Foundr courses cost? Is this Nick Shackelford course for beginners? Will Facebook ads help my business? 

We get it! Facebook ads can be confusing!

That’s why we’ve compiled this complete guide to our Facebook Ads with Nick Shackelford course to answer every and any question you might have about the course. By the end of this article, your only question should be: where do I sign up?

(Answer: you can sign up by clicking the CTA below!)

EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING: Ex-Apple Marketer Nick Shackelford Shows You How To Run Facebook Ads Like A Pro

Why We Created A Facebook Ads 1.0 Course

With 2.27 billion active monthly users on Facebook alone, you cannot ignore the juggernaut that is Facebook advertising.

A survey of small businesses in the U.S. found that 66 percent of respondents said they used Facebook to advertise their business, and that number is growing every day as businesses and users flock to the website to promote their brands.

foundr statistics facebookThe beauty of using Facebook ads for your business is that anyone can use the platform to advertise. If you’ve got a grasp of the basics, it’s easy to set up and monitor, ads can be easily tailored to suit your target audience (we can help you find them!), and you can control your spending and budget with ease.

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Facebook Ads Are Confusing. We Want To Solve That

Facebook’s algorithm can feel like a mysterious thing. Some days it’s working for you, and then other days it’s kicking you in the ribs. Every time Facebook announces an algorithm update, it can feel like marketers the world over go into a flap panicking about numbers.

The good news is that Facebook ads are not as tricky as they appear to be. You just need the right framework.

That’s why we’ve launched the ultimate guide to not only mastering Facebook ads, but also for understanding the algorithm and everything along the way. When you understand how something works from the ground up, it instantly turns any mountain into a molehill.

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The 10 “Money Blockers” holding you back from profitable Facebook Ads

Our mission is to provide a clear framework and real-life guidance to help entrepreneurs grow and start a business, and the numbers don’t lie: Facebook Ads are a great way to do it.

However, unless you know what you’re doing, Facebook ads can quickly become a problem or, even worse, start draining your bank account. Through our research, we narrowed down the 10 “Money Blockers” holding you back from profitable Facebook Ads:

  1. Conflicting Advice – One guru tells you to do this, the other guru tells you to do that. The last thing you want to do is play “Facebook guru roulette” when your money is on the line. Instead, you need a proven “algorithm-proof” strategy that works in all niches and industries.
  2. Built To Fail – Unfortunately many ads are built to fail from the very start. They’re missing the foundational building blocks that must be in a place for an ad to be profitable. If you’ve ever wondered “where do I start?” when running ads, you start here.
  3. Lack of Strategy – What works today is outdated tomorrow. With Facebook compliance and policies changing faster than any other platform, founders don’t have time to stay on top of everything. They need operational help, not more “hacks”.
  4. Key Metrics – What clickthrough or conversion rate is normal? How much money should you be spending? Without accurate metrics to use as performance baselines, you end up guessing while wasting time and money on ineffective ads.
  5. Overcharged By Agencies – Spending money on an agency just to have little to no results. They overpromise and underdeliver. Instead, learn to run the ads yourself using a proven process you can turn over to an in-house team member who then runs them for you.
  6. Rollercoaster Ads – Launching a new ad that starts out well but completely dies off a week later and not knowing what happened. You don’t have the experience or a “30,000 ft view” to diagnose the problem and make the right adjustments.
  7. No Proven Process –  Not having a clear-cut process for taking ads from “scratch to scale”. When you can quickly identify and cut losers, while scaling and optimizing winners, it doesn’t take long until you hit a home run and change your business forever.
  8. Inaccurate Testing – Not knowing the right way to run audience, creative, and copy split tests to boost conversion and create “control” ads. Knowing how to properly split test is the fastest way for any business to grow. No matter the industry or niche.
  9. Inconsistent Engagement – Unable to pin down why your ads aren’t getting as much engagement as they should.
  10. Skyrocketing Costs – Watching your ad costs skyrocket, but not knowing why or what to do about it.

But all too often people spend all their time trying to solve the issues above, without ever realizing they’re simply symptoms and not the root cause of their struggle on the platform.

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Foundr’s Facebook Ads 1.0 Course Case Study: Mike

Who Is Nick Shackelford – and Why Did We Choose Him As Our Course Instructor?

Here at Foundr, we have some pretty strict criteria when it comes to our course instructors.

We only work with proven, legit, real-life entrepreneurs who have built successful businesses. You won’t find lessons taught by someone “playing business” with a rented Lambo on a maxed-out credit card telling you how they got rich over the weekend. We don’t have gurus that smile nicely and promise a Facebook Ads hack that probably doesn’t work.

We have a hard rule that anyone we work with must be an industry leader. Their companies must be ranked in the top three brands within their niche or industry.

When we started researching instructors for our Facebook Ads course, we realized Nick Shackelford was the perfect fit. From soccer star to high school gym coach, to one of the world’s leading experts on Facebook ads and marketing, Nick Shackelford knows his stuff.

Take a look at his resume:

  • First, cut his teeth doing media buying for Apple and Pepsi in the early days and even worked on Apple’s team to launch iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and the Apple Watch
  • Single-handedly popularized the Fidget Spinner by using Facebook Ads
  • PupSocks launch = did $10.5 million in 32 days
  • Diff Eyewear launch = did $255,000 in less than 24 hours
  • Runs his own Facebook agency and worked on more than 150 different brands in the last year alone
  • During his career, he’s spent almost $100 million on Facebook ads across multiple industries.

Pretty impressive, right?

Above all of these impressive numbers, what caught our eye was that his strategies and tactics are not specific to a certain niche or industry. They win in the hardest markets, across all GEOS, in different languages, and with different rules.

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Foundr’s Facebook Ads 1.0 Course Case Study: Alan

How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0 Q&A

What is included in the course, and what will I learn?

In this Facebook Ads course, Nick Shackelford is going to walk you through a proven “algorithm-proof” process for creating ads and campaigns which convert, regardless of your business, budget, or background.

His easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint will help you to create winning ads from scratch, using whatever budget you have to work with. Whether you action it yourself or hand it off to a team member, you’ll learn strategies that have worked for 150+ brands across a range of niches, products, and industries.

And because this course has been designed around evergreen principles that will work regardless of policy chances or algorithm updates, you can be confident that what you’ll learn inside this course will not only work today but in the years to come.

Our Facebook Ads course has 61 lessons spread across six modules. Each module contains simple, actionable, and proven strategies to help you create winning Facebook ads:

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Module 1: Mastering The Facebook Ad Foundations

Module 1

In this module, you’ll discover the must-know Facebook ad foundations. If you’ve never run ads before and wondered “where do I start”, this is it. You’ll learn everything you need to do to give your ads the absolute best chance of winning from day one.

Module 2: Top Of Funnel Prospecting – Finding Your Target Market Every Time

Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course
Module 2

Module 2 will take you on a deep dive into the art of finding your target market even if they’re hard to find or “not on Facebook”. Since 60% of your ad budget is typically spent here at the top of the funnel, you’ll master not only driving traffic but driving the right kind of traffic.

Module 3: Middle Of Funnel – Re-Engagement To Drive Massive Traffic

Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course
Module 3

After you’ve identified your target market, you’ll learn how to re-engage prospective customers from your top-of-funnel efforts. Middle-of-funnel ads can be one of the biggest generators of sales in your funnel, so you’ll learn what page to drive them to, what copy to use, and everything in between.

Module 4: Bottom Of Funnel – Remarketing For Scaling & Sales

Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course
Module 4

This module reveals how to remarket to prospects when they’ve taken an action that’s off the Facebook platform. Maybe they visited your website or some other page, now you’ll learn how to “follow them” with engaging ads that drive conversions and bring in sales.

Module 5: Ad Creative That Consistently Converts

Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course
Module 5

Module 5 will walk you through the proven “Ad Creative Framework” Nick and his team use for every single client. You’ll learn which copy to use, the right way to use images and videos, and exactly how to make a seamless user experience throughout the whole process.

Module 6: Troubleshooting Common Problems & Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course
Module 6

By the end of this module, you’ll have the confidence and troubleshooting framework to dive in and solve any problem that arises. You’ll be equipped with a proven framework on how to approach any ad issues or problems that can pop-up on your journey.

In addition to the 6 modules, you’ll also get access to our exclusive bonuses:


Nick Shackelford Facebook Ads Course

Q. How long will it take to do the course?

The course is divided into six Training Modules with nearly six hours total of proven Facebook ad content. You can do a little each day, or sit down for half a day on a Saturday or a time that suits you and knock it out.

The main thing we want is for you to see results, so it’s been designed around a video and an action step, and we encourage you to take the time to properly implement each one before progressing through the course!

You can find even more information about the course content, bonuses, and the course instructor Nick Shackelford by going to this link.

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Q. Is it Live or Recorded?

This is a pre-recorded video course that you can do at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want to do it.

Q. Does it teach me to run Facebook ads from scratch? I’m a beginner when it comes to Facebook ads and marketing and I know nothing!

Remember that every expert was once a beginner, too!

The How to Run Facebook Ads course will walk you through every step along the way from beginner Facebook ads, from mastering the foundations of Facebook ads, to developing each step of the funnel, and ultimately to being able to devise ads that will consistently convert. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot common problems and mistakes when it comes to Facebook advertising!

And because this course has been designed around evergreen principles that will work regardless of policy chances or algorithm updates, you can be confident that what you’ll learn inside this course will not only work today but in the years to come as well.

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Q. I’ve tried a lot of Facebook tactics. What makes the course different from other FB ads courses out there?

At Foundr, we always say: if they ain’t legit, then we won’t ship. We only work with proven entrepreneurs who know the game inside and out, so we can say with confidence they know what they’re talking about.

Too often Facebook courses are taught by overnight “gurus” who’ve had success running ads for one business, in one industry, one time. They teach outdated tactics and short term “fixes” which might work today but don’t tomorrow when a new Facebook policy change hits.

Foundr’s course is taught by a serial entrepreneur and someone who’s recognized as one of the best Facebook marketers in the world. Nick Shackelford’s algorithm-proof process has already worked for more than 150 different businesses and helped him to profitably spend more than $100M on Facebook ads in the last few years alone!

Q. How do I know if this will work for my audience, product, and industry?

The step-by-step blueprint inside this course was born from hundreds of thousands of split tests Nick has run in all kinds of different industries and niches. It’s been proven to work for everything from ecommerce and high-ticket services, to software and digital products.

If for some reason you follow the steps laid out inside and it doesn’t help you run more profitable ads, you’re always protected by Foundr’s 365-day money-back guarantee (more on that later).

Foundr’s Facebook Ads Course Case Study: Eric

Q. Is this course for eCommerce only?

No. While Nick has an unbelievable track record of success with ecommerce ads, this course is for all kinds of businesses, products, and offerings. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a service, a product, or even designing little party hats for pigeons, Nick’s framework can be adapted to suit any business.

We did actually choose Nick because of his ecommerce background – ecommerce typically deals with razor-thin margins and if you can create successful ads there, you can create successful ads in any other industry.

Q. I’m in B2B, will this work too?

Yes! Nick uses this same process to bring in new clients for his agency. After all, we believe “B2B” is really just “human to human” and there’s no better place to find your target audience than Facebook.

While the point of purchase or length of sale might be different in B2B, the process of finding new leads and sales using engaging Facebook ads is the same.

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Q. Do I need a team to make it work?

No, you don’t. If you have a team, we’d suggest having someone use this course as a “playbook” for your ads so you can spend your time doing something else.

But for founders who don’t have a team, this ad creation process can be done completely by yourself without any problems at all. It even contains Nick’s “Agency Replacer Toolkit” which shows you all the easy-to-use tools you can use to make ads the same way Nick’s team would.

Q. How soon can I start once I have access to the course?

Instantly. As soon as you invest in the course, we’ll email you your access link to the course and the bonuses so you can start crushing it with Facebook Ads!

Foundr’s Facebook Ads Course Case Study: Manuel

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Yes! We understand that US$997 can be a lot of money to spend upfront, so we also offer a three-month payment plan for the How to Run Facebook Ads 1.0 course.

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What Is Your Money-Back Guarantee?

We offer a 365-day money-back guarantee on our How to Run Facebook Ads 1.0 course!

At Foundr, we stand behind our courses’ ability to get you results when you put in the time to study and implement what you learn. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but we also want you to give your best effort to apply all the strategies in the course. If we don’t hold you accountable for putting in the work, we’re doing you a disservice!

The How to Run Facebook Ads course comes with a rock-solid 365-Day Guarantee. If you enroll in this course, watch all the videos, do all of the required work within the first 365 days of purchasing the course, and you still aren’t PUMPED with your results, we will provide a full refund.

EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING: Ex-Apple Marketer Nick Shackelford Shows You How To Run Facebook Ads Like A Pro

Key Takeaways

There’s no doubt Facebook ads are the ultimate way to boost your business, and with Nick Shackelford’s How To Run Facebook Ads 1.0 course, you’ll be mastering them in no time.

Designed for everyone from beginners to entrepreneurs who are looking to level up their skills, this course takes you on a journey creating ads from the ground up with Nick Shackelford’s proven framework. Here at Foundr, we pride ourselves on being able to democratize entrepreneurship through real-life lessons taught by legit founders, and we believe this course is the perfect example of this.

Nick Shackelford will coach you through every step of the way, and you’ll also be able to learn how to create Facebook ads that work for your business and your brand – not just creating ads for the sake of it.

You’ll also get access to our support community and social network, where you can bounce ideas off thousands of other students and entrepreneurs on the same journey as you.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming, and start building!

Did we miss something in the FAQs above? If there are any other questions, queries, concerns, or thoughts about our newest course, drop a comment below! Our team will do our best to help you!

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