Post by Daniel J. Hallila | April 23, 2020


Solar Tech Screening & Shutters – this was my thriving business two years ago before I was injured and lost everything I had worked for overnight with a back injury.

My name is Daniel J. Hallila. I am a retired Air Force Veteran of 20 years.

While serving, I built a small business called Solar Tech Screening & Shutters.

With zero experience in running a business, I had to learn everything from sales, marketing, bookkeeping, ordering, fabrication, delivery and installation all in my spare time.

I spent 15 years of my life working 24/7 to build my business so that once I retired, I could transition into it full time.

It was a thriving business…

I was one year away from living my life-long dream! I was never going to answer to anyone but myself from here on out.


BAM! It was gone!

God had other plans for me. I was diagnosed with chronic pain and my body literally fell apart on me to the point I could barely get out of bed.

Everything I had ever worked for was lost overnight. I was reeling over losing my long-life dream and thought about giving up.

I decided to move to Florida where I was approached by VITAZA and asked to become a business partner.

They knew of my hard work and dedication to my own business, to my active duty service commitment and thought I would be a great fit.

I was hesitant, however after looking over the website and looking through all the benefits they had to offer a small business, I knew I had to become a partner.

VITAZA cares about us – the business owner, the entrepreneur, the people that work the hardest in our society. THEY GET US!

I jumped all over it and I am here to help you, my fellow entrepreneurs and business owners!

I feel like it is my moral obligation to reach out to you. I have suffered a loss and I know how terrible losing everything feels.

So… this is why I chose to become a VITAZA Partner and Co-founder.

I want to see you succeed! We want you to succeed! Don’t make the mistakes I made.

I didn’t have the resource or knowledge to bring my business to the next level, but now you do. Don’t let fate take away your dreams!

If these resources would have been available to me 15 years ago or even 2 years ago, I would have left the military and had a multi-million dollar business!

My body would not be destroyed and I would be running my business as an owner versus a laborer.

Exhausted… day after day, night after night.

Never able to take a vacation. (FYI…to this day I still have never taken a vacation but I hope to do this one day!)

I could have outsourced grueling task I hated to do. I would have had more time to create more leads and revenue. More time to for myself.

Only if would have been there, I could have reached out to other business owners for advice.

I would have had to turn to when I didn’t know what to do. All my questions would have been answered. I would have had a silent friend, partner, mentor.

At a minimum, I could have watched training videos to get me to the next level. I was always too afraid to hire employees. Too scared to spend money on marketing. I had no mentor or anyone to lean on for advice. would have been a game changer…

So to all small business owners out there, we want to help you succeed! We personally know how it feels!


Click here to join our platform…………..It is 100% Free for the first 100 businesses who register. 1 full year full free access! No hidden cost!

The value to you in is a no brainer.

We are trying to build a business that can help you build your business! Check it out you literally have nothing to lose!


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